Power Banks

  • Solar mobile charger i10

    Solar i10 is dual portable and pocket sized power bank and solar charger. It has 10,000mAh power input with the…
  • Solar i2 Mobile Charger

    Dany Solar mobile charger i2 keep your device full of charge without having to rely on an electricity. The newly launch…
  • Remax Remax RPP-33 – Power Bank – 5000mAh – Yellow

    Key Features Fast charging Charging conversion rate up to 87% Compatible with most devices with USB charging capability, including Apple…
  • Remax Remax Relan RPP-65 Power Bank Sided Dual Charging Cable 10000mAh – Silver

  • Remax Remax – Power Bank Mini, 2600Ma

    Key Features REMAX POWER BANK MINI,  2600mAh, Super Compatible for Cell Phones, MP3, Tablet PC, Digital Camera, iPad, iPod, PSP…
  • Remax Proda PPP011 – 3 Port Powerbank – 12000mAh – Black

    Key Features Product Name: Remax Proda Power Bank Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Battery Battery Capacity: 12000mAh
  • Remax PowerBank 10000mAH

    Key Features Lithium Polymer battery Capacity: 10000mAh Portable Efficient charging
  • Remax Powerbank – 12000mAh – Blue

    Key Features 12000mAh High Capacity Fast Charging Portable Police Lights Emergency Lights
  • Remax Kooker – Power Bank – 20000mAh – Black

    Key Features Output Voltage: DC 5 V Output Current: 5.0 V / 2.1A Input Voltage / Current Rating: 5.0 V…
  • Remax 5000mAH – Aliens Power Bank – Black

    Key Features Remax product, meet CE, FC, ROHS standard. Aliens apperance deisgn, very cool and handsome. Ultra-thin, just 0.9cm; very…
  • POWERBANK Speed S-10

    POWERBANK Speed S-10 comes with Ultrahigh Capacity. This powerbank has a capacity to charge 7 bar/4 smartphones in one charge…
  • Powerbank PB-42

    PB-42 Powerbank has the power capacity 4000mAh. It provides viable and save back power option. Dany's PB-42 is universal portable…
  • Powerbank PB-41

    PB-41 is ultra slim and portable powerbank that provides high performance when it comes to charging mobile phones and tablets.…
  • Powerbank PB-22

    PB-22 is portable 2000mAh powerbank that will save from the trouble of low battery. This high performance power bank rapidly…
  • Powerbank PB-210

    Now with fast charging technology you can charge your mobile phone in less than 30 minutes. PB-210 with lithium polymer…
  • Powerbank PB-21

    PB-21 is 2000mAh power bank that efficiently charges one Bar/Smartphones in single charge capacity. It is consists of one Micro…
  • Powerbank PB-105

    PB-105 is 1O,OOOmAh powerbank that enables lightning-fast charging. It has enough capacity charge to serve 7 bar/4 smartphone mobiles. With…
  • Powerbank PB-103

    Have you ever experienced the powerbank with so many features and specifications? No, then get yourself a new power bank…
  • Dany PB-55 Powerbank

    PB-55 is 5000mAh powerbank that is engineered with the fastest charging technology. It can charge two devices simultaneously and comes…
  • Dany PB-25 Powerbank

    PB 25 is 2500 mAh powerbank that charges one device at a time. It is certified powerbank and compatible with…
  • Dany PB-23 Powerbank With Flashlight

    PB-23 is 2000mAh power bank is equipped with built in torch is your life saver at times of power run…
  • Dany PB – 59 Powerbank

    Dany, like always, presents the solution that is perfect match to your cell phone or tablet's power needs. PB -…
  • Dany PB – 10 Powerbank

    Are you ready to get your hands on our latest key chain Power Bank with quick American charging technology that…